4 Gradual or Sharp Differences That Can Indicate You Have a Water Line Problem

Your main water line is the main artery of your plumbing system that goes from the street to your home. A problem with your water line will introduce issues to your entire plumbing system. There are many gradual or sharp signs that can indicate you have a main water line issue or need a water line replacement.

1. Gradual or Sharp Increases in your Water Bill

Even if you don’t notice any issues immediately, you may notice an increase in your water bill. Sometimes, that increase occurs gradually, so you may not notice it immediately. Sometimes, that increase occurs sharply and you’ll likely wonder exactly what happened.

In either case, bill increases not accompanied by an increase in water usage can indicate a water line or other plumbing issue. Don’t panic, there’s a chance your increased bill can occur because of an issue in the home, or even a persistent leak.

2. Gradual or Sharp Decrease in Water Pressure

Many things can cause a decrease in water pressure. When there’s an issue with your water line, you’ll likely notice pressure issues everywhere, not just at one faucet or water source.

When you lose water pressure, it can mean you’re losing water because of a leak somewhere along your main line. Leaks can also infiltrate your foundation or basement, which can turn into a larger problem.

3. Gradual or Sharp Increase in Wet Spots around Your Home

When water lines leak, that water often ends up in your yard. If you notice areas of the yard that remain perpetually wet or soggy, there’s a chance your water line is leaking into the soil. If a small pool of water suddenly appears, then you may have a severe or very serious issue on your hands.

4. Gradual or Sharp Change in Your Water's Properties

Has your water picked up a smell? Is your water looking a little more reddish or yellowish than it used to? Corrosion, rust, dirt, debris, and various other things can get into your water line and change the properties of your water.

These things can also become health hazards if they’re not fixed as soon as possible. If there’s a change to your water properties, don’t wait too long before having it looked at. If there’s a sharp and sudden change, then discontinue use of the water immediately until a professional diagnoses the issue.

Never ignore these signs. A mild water line issue can turn into a disaster if you forego a professional water line repair. You may end up needing a full water line replacement. That’s why it’s a good idea to practice good plumbing habits and maintenance. It’s an especially good idea to have a professional inspect or repair your plumbing system at the first sign of trouble.