On running a crowdfunding support fundraiser

People in India are finally waking up to the fact that there are alternative methods of financing available to them when they are in a deep and sudden need for funds. Some of these methods include getting flexible loans (although at very high rates of interest) and to pay for big ticket purchases using credit cards that most wage earning middle-class people qualify for. These methods of financing immediate and urgent need are slowly reaching a point when they are overused, and at any rate not used intelligently. For one thing, there’s always the responsibility of seeing a payback through. There’s also the associated difficulty of enduring the stress that comes from not knowing when the funds will become available, and whether they will cover all expenses as planned.

The solution for all of these troublesome glitches surrounding loans is to resort to other, newer, financing mechanisms. The best of these is what is known to experts as crowdfunding India. With crowdfunding online, you can raise funds for any legally sanctioned cause from large groups of donors, who each contribute relatively smaller sums to help you reach a publicly stated target. There is no cap on how much each donor can pay for your cause. You can run your campaign on one of India’s many crowdfunding platforms.

Some of these platforms specialize in getting you assistance for, say, creative projects, or for a medical bill you must pay in short order. Impact Guru is one such platform, which has become closely entangled with helping middle-class Indians afford the best healthcare for major and critical illnesses.

Impact Guru has an interesting feature integrated onto its web platform, which is that it allows a friend or a supporter of the main campaigner to run what we call a support fundraiser on the same platform. The principle behind how a support fundraiser works is simple. The person who is running the support fundraiser for you will get, like you, their own microsite or fundraising page. The support fundraiser can be shared across social media channels completely independently of the primary fundraiser.

This ensures that your crowdfunding India campaign gets very high levels of visibility through social media sharing. It is basically the same as two fundraisers being run for the same cause. Donors belonging to both your immediate network and your supporter’s network can be pooled in to make a real difference and raise very high amount of money, and in a very short period of time.

Whatever donations are made to the support fundraiser will also reflect on your main Impact Guru fundraiser account. Both donors and the main campaigner will have an adequate sense of how the support fundraiser is stepping in as a catalyst, and how well each fundraiser is performing.

Give crowdfunding India a chance and have a friend create a support fundraiser for you on Impact Guru while you fundraise. You will thank yourself for the efficient fundraising that will follow.